Logic, Atheist, Unicorns, & Star Wars

March 14, 2018


I have found that inevitably if you discuss God on the internet, the very people who know God does not exist are the very same people who will spend an insane amount of time and resources arguing with the people that do believe in the mythical magic man in the sky.  


Personally, if someone told me they believed the Star Wars Universe was real, I would not…. Wait that might be awesome.  

If someone said that Unicorns secretly controlled the actions of man and that the Unicorns were just pawns of the Lizard people (I hear they are real), I’m not going to waste my time trying to prove to them they are wrong.  I mean maybe if it comes up in conversation….I might ask a few questions. It would not be logical for me to search actively for the Unicorn worshipers to try and make them see how crazy their beliefs are.  That would mean I care and that somehow their beliefs were relevant to my life.  Maybe I would be affected by their feelings when I hear them speak of the wonders of the Purple Unicorn, or they celebrate the Unicorn Festivus.


For example, I know nothing about the NHL and do not ever think about it, but when I’m in Boston it is on TV’s, Radio, people are discussing it around me. College football can be on, and they are watching Hockey!? That is insanity to me! When in Boston, hockey influences the environment around me but because I don’t consider it relevant to my life, I would never go looking for NHL fans to argue with, that would be illogical.  I’m perfectly happy, letting them do what they enjoy.


An Atheist is defined as a person who disbelieves or as they prefer lack belief in the existence of God or gods.

An Agnostic is defined as a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God or anything beyond material phenomena; a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in God.


I get the Agnostic, and it is logical to say if I can’t see it or if I do not have tangible proof I can’t believe it.  However, you rarely find Agnostics seeking a debate. Like me with hockey, they don’t care enough to care.   

First I want to be clear that God most certainly does not need me to defend him or his existence.  Nor do I intend to do so in my writing.  There is an insane amount of back and forth on the existence of God.  If you want to debate it, google it and find your battleground. 


From my perspective,  Atheism is not logical. Multiple studies from Theologians and Agnostics have concluded that children are intuitive theists & all humans have innate religious tendencies. If these studies are true, then there is a possibility of God.  If the scientific community is right and something cannot come from nothing, then there is a possibility of God.  It is not logical to think you can throw clay and some paint in a mud hole and pull out an entirely painted gnome, no matter how long you leave it in that hole.  So there is a probability that intelligent design is a possibility. The statistical improbability of the Earth to support life, alone logically says there is a possibility of God.  Science & Religion need not be at odds with one another.


None of this would change the mind of an atheist.  This debate is a never-ending paradox for both sides!

The bottom line is a non-believer is not going to convince me the Jesus Christ is not my savior and Lord and nothing I say will change the non-believer if they are not open to it.  Like the NHL, I don’t care enough to argue what to me does not affect me. 

If I sent you this link, I appreciate you trying to un-brainwash me, so I can live the amazing enlightened life you live.  But I’m good, Thanks!

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